Virtual Real Porn for Oculus Rift

Virtual Real Porn was the first company who offered VR porn and it is still one of the best out there. They have more than 70 high quality movies with amazing models!

VirtualRealPorn VR Movies For Oculus Rift

One of the biggest VR porn sites on the market is VirtualRealPorn, and there is a dedicated archive of quality content designed specifically to work with the most modern and latest version of VR systems. In keeping with their standard of quality, VirtualRealPorn has worked closely with the producers of the Oculus Rift to deliver premium adult entertainment.

SiennaIf you’re looking for a totally immersive 180 degree sexual experience, then it’s hard to beat the Oculus Rift for a number of reasons – first, both models of the Rift (the DK1 and the DK2) take virtual reality to the next level by offering a cornucopia of stimulus in terms of the senses.

The binaural sound system which is implemented in all of VirtualRealPorn’s videos lets you hear the moaning gasps of gorgeous cock-hungry beauties as you pummel them in the privacy of your own room or get sucked off under the table at an impromptu lunch party.

What makes the Oculus Rift stand out against other VR systems probably has more to do not only with its capacity to emulate some of the most tantalizing adult fantasies, but also its ability to keep you locked into it. This can be both a boon and a deficiency in the system, and it again highlights the importance of cooperation between the software and the hardware. The Oculus Rift especially comes as a double-edged sword – on one hand, it’s unparalleled in terms of 180 and 360 VR, but this can also make some people feel queasy if they’re not used to it.

bathtubPersonally we found VirtualRealPorn’s videos in general to be very sympathetic to this, and a number of the videos allow you to simply sit or lie down and let the experience wash over you.

Additionally, the HD quality of sets like “The Lunch” also cut down on nausea and disorientation, and almost all of the videos have no cam shaking. After downloading any of the movies onto your hard-drive, it is a simple matter of synching it up with the Oculus Rift and opening the file with any of a selection of pre-installed virtual players.

Setting Up The Experience

squirtThere are two ways to set up the Oculus Rift depending on the compatibility and system you are using – for Windows users it is relatively simple, and we appreciated the useful FAQ and support on VirtualRealPorn’s site.

Additionally, they also offer a free download of their VirtualPlayer so you don’t have to go searching the net, and we found that it was the most reliable and easiest to use (there were no lags, or if there was it was extremely minimal).

There are a few other options for players regardless of whether you’re using Apple or Windows, including Whirligig which is actually designed specifically for both models of the Oculus Rift. While a bit more streamlined in terms of watchability, there were some minor issues with geometric distortions at the edges of the videos, similar to the sort you get with fish-eye lenses, but this can be manually corrected.

Our best advice for those familiar with the Oculus Rift and VR media is LiveViewRift which has a bit more manual control, allowing you to customize everything from pitch and equilateral stability to actually correcting geometric deformations.

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