Virtual Real Gay VR Porn for Oculus Rift

Virtual Real Gay is a new player on the virtual reality porn market and is spezialized on gay sex movies. They have only high quality porn with very hot models. This will take gay porn to the next level.

VirtualRealGay Movie Productions For Oculus Rift

For years VirtualRealPorn has been the preeminent site for virtual reality adult entertainment, and part of their mandate has always been VirtualRealGay which caters exclusively to gay men – and when it comes to quality videos of hunky guys with glistening abs and rigid cocks it’s hard to beat the sort of immersive VR experience offered.

There’s a reason that VirtualRealGay has carved out a niche for itself among other VR sites, and it has a lot to do with the fact that the HD videos available are some of the best available on the net.

By ‘best’ you have to take into account several things – for one, there’s a remarkable diversity among the videos, including the different scenarios which range from one-on-one ass pounding to convincing roleplays like “After Party” where you are thrown into a situation where a burglar has invaded your hotel room and requires some ample punishment.

On top of that though, the 180 degree stereoscopic videos perfectly mimic what one would actually be seeing, and when used in conjunction with the Oculus Rift the head tracking is remarkably in sync. The Rift is able to detect even the smallest movements of the head, so that when you’re looking down at a muscled Adonis taking you in his mouth it’ll feel as if you’re actually in the room.

VirtualRealGay also includes a real player on their site that is designed to work specifically for their videos, and we were again surprised at how streamlined it was – aside from a minor lag in the first few seconds at the beginning of some videos, there was no problems at all with running each set all the way to the end.

Setting Up The Oculus Rift With Virtual Real Gay

Setting up the Oculus Rift is relatively easy compared to some other VR sites, and it again has to do with the fact that VirtualRealGay supplies its own advanced real player which works with both models the DK1 and DK2, but is also compatible with the OSVR HDK.

The DK2 support for the Oculus is still in its beta form, however, and need to be uncompressed to Program Files before it can be run, but in terms of overall immersive capacity it seems to have become the most popular and favored.

Another good option for the Oculus Rift is Whirligig which is an app that works directly with the Oculus Rift – after downloading either the trailer (if you’re trying to get yourself wet and workedup with a quick taste of a young Andreas stroking himself for you) or the full video simply loading it on the Rift will start it playing immediately.

A third option which is available is the use of LiveViewRift; this player is comfortable and very modifiable meaning that you can tweak your Oculus Rift to your exact specifications – on the other hand, it does require more experience if you’re a newcomer to VR technology.

In LiveViewRift almost every element can be modified include the pitch and latitude, as well as the left-to-right and vice versa sync. Whichever program you choose, VirtualRealGay is there to supply top-caliber videos, and easily gets 4.5 starts out of 5 not only for its technological versatility but also (and most importantly) for content.

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