VR Technology has improved

vr-911031_960_720Technology has improved through jumps and bounds lately and video games aren’t far from it as computer images, social networking, and virtual reality have converged into one media that anyone can connected – video games. At this time, the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360 have become the standard of greatest gaming experience.

Unlike the XBOX 360, the PS3 has enabled users to get free access for their on-line market for free demo games and a few downloadable content. Social networking is even incorporated in the game console thus enabling gamers to talk to other gamers and play together too. A giant leap forwards is the integration of a virtual social world and market called the PlayStation Home.

Rather than joining chatrooms, you will find many areas in the PlayStation Home wherein gamers can freely interact with other gamers all around the globe. Customization choices are rather small because this where the on-line market facet comes in.

There are many freebies accessible the market wherein gamers can purchase virtual clothing and things they can decorate on their avatar and virtual pad. Sadly, it’s necessary for you to use actual cash to purchase things.
After you login to PlayStation Home for the very first time, your avatar is instantly spawned in the Central Plaza/Home Square where every other gamers are there. It’s possible for you to socialize together and make goofy and amusing activities to amuse each other. Irrespective of that, you always have the option to add each other up in your friends list and possibly play against each other in any video games you may have.

  • As you wander around the Central Plaza, you’ll see billboards that showcase ads from game developers. There’s constantly the Shopping Mall meet your own customization needs.
  • When you get bored from all the virtual sightseeing, you always have the option to head to the themed game spaces love the mini games in kept for you.
  • See EA Sports’ game space by hopping on your own race car at its exhilarating miniature racing game or beating your buddies in a competitive game of poker.

Music also plays a significant part of the sprawling virtual world, gamers can appreciate licensed tunes in the top artists. If you need have peace and quiet in your own customizable space, you always have the option to hang out in your virtual flat as well as encourage your own friends at PlayStation Home to come over.

There’s consistently for everyone in PlayStation Home whether you are opting for a virtual tour, meeting new friends, or simply needing to have an excellent time with the various games available. Not only you’ve got among the greatest gaming console and all around multimedia machine rolled into one in the PS3, you’ve got an amusing virtual reality simulator about. To find out more about the greatest technology gadgets that Cebuanos use, see the lifestyle section at Y101 FM, Always First.

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